Mon 12 July 2021 – 7.30-9pm

A gentle creative writing workshop – words for reflection, creativity & connection. Time to ground, to write, to connect with yourself and others during the week of the New Moon, a time to reflect and begin again. No writing experience necessary. We will use poetry, nature and a range of spiritual sources for ideas and inspiration. Every Monday in the week of the New Moon.
– Pay As You Feel £10-£12
– More information  New Moon Writing
– To book email

Online every Wednesday 1pm-3pm 

In this workshop we explore the Wheel of Nature using words and other creative nature-based practices. Building a stronger relationship with natural cycles and elements, we create poetry, prose, journalling and/or life story, deepening connection with ourselves and developing a nurturing and enriching writing practice.
– Each workshop stands alone. Come to one, a block of 3 or 4, or as often as you like
– Your first workshop is free. After that each session is Pay As You Feel £10-£15
– The workshop is online, including time offline for your own creative and reflective process
– See Wheel of Nature Writing Workshop for more information and to book.


A reflective walk with Emma and her poetry and prose in the beautiful hills of Cornholme, Todmorden. A magical and unique experience of landscape, writing and performance. On this slow-paced, guided walk in the hills west of Todmorden, Emma shares poetry and prose inspired by this land that she loves. Reflecting on time, memory and being where you are now, this is an experience to put your feet on the ground and your heart at centre. Words in the Wild hit the zeitgeist in 2020 providing calm, connection with nature and reflection in a challenging year. It has shown what is magically possible in terms of live outdoor performance and is now open for Summer 2021.
– Location – Lydgate / Cornholme, Todmorden (directions sent on booking)
– Dates throughout the summer
– Pay As You Feel £10-£15
– See Words in the Wild for details

Thurs 15 July 2021 –  1pm-4pm  

A creative writing workshop outdoors in the beautiful landscape of Cornholme, Todmorden. In the spirit of Emma’s 2020 outdoor performances Words in the Wild, this workshop is a simple and powerful opportunity to be in nature, to write and connect. Over 3 hours we get grounded in the landscape, walking and being in nature, guided by Emma, writing and experimenting with words. The workshop concludes with the unique and powerful experience of sharing your words and hearing others’ with your feet on the earth, your head under the sky. Connect to the spirit of place, find your words and voice.
– Location: Lydgate / Cornholme, Todmorden (directions sent on booking)
– Pay As You Feel £25-£50 (includes Emma’s homemade buns!)
– To booking email:
– See Writing in the Wild for more information