Meeting Myself Coming Back

A new online writing course about diaries – re-reading and re-writing the stories of our lives.

Meeting Myself Coming Back is a new online writing course inspired by Emma’s personal research project in which she revisited diaries from younger years. Reflecting on old words and writing again, Emma created new work, re-storying her relationship with the past, coming to a more positive, accepting story of her life.
During this 6 week course you will engage with a similar process – revisiting a single journal of your own, responding to it in a supported environment and creating new writing from the material and the experience. Through this you will re-story yourself with the aim of looking positively towards the future.
Week 1 – Introduction – practical beginnings
Week 2 – Diary-reading – opening the book
Week 3 – Reflective writing – writing in response to reading
Week 4 – Writing again – re-storying and reconciling with selves
Week 5 – Conclusion – sharing stories, reflecting on the journey, going forwards
Every week there will be writing, discussion and self-care practice and guidance. Returning to diary material can be challenging. The course is not therapy and you will be encouraged to take care of yourself throughout the 5 weeks, giving yourself kindness, time and space to process what arises. Supported by Emma and the group you are part of, you will be guided through a vibrant, staged, creative process aimed at bringing transformation to your relationship with yourself and your words.
You will need to be able to use Zoom on a computer or smartphone. You will need paper and pen or other writing materials at home. Any other resources will be sent to you via email.
New dates tbc Autumn 2024
6 consecutive weeks
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For more information about Emma’s diary project please see her article in LIRIC Journal (Lapidus), 2023: Full Circle by Emma Decent