She Festival 2013: To Be His Daughter

In May 2013 Emma was invited to join a group of women artists from the UK and Israel to participate a unique piece of promenade theatre in the Heart Centre, Leeds on the theme of daughter-father relationships.

Emma performed an extract of Beyond Dreams of Aberystwyth alongside pieces from Alexa Christopher Daniels and Brian Daniels, Dorit Nitai-Neeman and Nico Nitai, Pazit Yaron Minkowski, Naomi Ben-asa, Erika Linor Kutzuk and Jo Willoughby.

The audience were led through different rooms of the Heart Centre in small groups to hear each woman’s story. Together the range of creative styles portrayed a weave of the complex feelings and experiences of being a daughter of a father – the silences, the love, the anger and frustrations. It was an intimate, unique and compelling experience for the audience who joined in the dialogue at the end.

Emma’s ‘room’ was the office of playwright, theatre producer and participating father – Brian Daniels – who generously let her take it over for the week!

A review by Mark Whittle at Culture Vulture, 16 May 2013

‘Despite each piece lasting around 10 minutes I found my thoughts on the father-daughter relationships changing multiple times throughout. Such relationships are never as cut and dry as they seem and the actors do a great job of presenting this complexity.’

Link to full Review



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