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I have decided to reboot my Kofi page – a platform where creatives and suchlike can earn – somewhat mothballed since 2020 when I started it up in a panic. Now I am trying to raise funds to put together a poetry collection and to go towards a big trip in 2024 where I will get training in eco-psychology rites of passage in USA and travel and work in Canada, the land of my birth. All to build my work as a writer, performer and facilitator.

Please take a look here if you are interested – Emma’s Kofi page
Since 2020 I have become a lot clearer about my work. My relationship with nature – which has always been important to me personally – a friend and healer through many years of eco-psychology and shamanic work – has deepened and come more to the forefront of my public face and work as a writer, performer and facilitator.
Something must be going right. Nowadays I am more earning more than I ever have as a freelancer – and am able to put some money aside towards my goals, hurrah. However I could do with a bit of help from anyone who might want or be able to support my work in this way. (As well as booking onto the events and courses I do – and all the love and support I feel from many people.)
So on Kofi I am selling some photo poems – hi-res digital photos I have taken of the beautiful landscape of Cornholme, Calderdale where I live enhanced with fragments of my poetry.
Once purchased you can copy and print as much them as you like as cards, prints or use as screen savers. (Please don’t download the low-res display versions for free – because that would be wrong!)
There are some wintery ones for Christmas options…
… Also colourful and warm fleece snoods, perfect for the season – a tubular scarf, a pull-up face covering, a hat and a bandana all in one.
…Plus my Words in the Wild poetry pamphlet, featuring all the poems from the Words in the Wild poetry walk in these hills. (To keep us going till a collection comes together, watch this space.)
Funds raised will go towards putting together a poetry collection (which will be at least partly self-funded). Also towards a trip for 2024 where I will get some deeper training in eco-psychology rites of passage at the School of Lost Borders in USA. Also to Canada, the land of my birth – writing as I go, continuing to draw circles of autobiography, and doing workshops and performances along the way.
If you are interested please have a look at my Kofi page where you can get involved.
Thank you

Emma’s Kofi page