‘Aberystwyth’ feedback & reviews


Clancy Walker, Guest Theatre Reviewer, BBC Radio Leeds
‘A beautiful story. I can’t recommend it highly enough. 9 out of 10.’
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Adam Zed for Leeds List
‘The sense of a journey into a personal history is managed wonderfully. Drawing on her immense talent as a performance poet Decent’s delivery is calming and delightful to listen to throughout.’
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Genevieve Walsh, writer & Phoenix Radio presenter
‘It’s not often you’ll be captivated like that. A show which will sneak into your heart and paint intricate pictures in your mind.’
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Audience feedback to shows March 2013
‘Pure gold. A scintillating show.’
‘Inspiring, moving and funny.’
‘A very impactful show, loved it.’


‘A remarkable work.’


‘It conveyed very well the ‘what is known’ and ‘what is not known’ about the people we love.’

‘Definitely something to be savoured and remembered.’

‘Yay, yay, yay! It was fabulous!’