Clancy Walker ‘Aber’ review

Guest Theatre Reviewer, BBC Radio Leeds. Broadcast 4 April 2013.

‘A lovely production by the talented Emma Decent, the writer and actor. 

This is a beautiful story about Emma’s quest to re-trace a family secret she found out after her father passed away, that she had a sister that she didn’t know about. I got a huge amount from it because I think the most powerful stories are the personal ones.

Emma uses multimedia by using lots of photographs and music, and she spreads out the story, creating the world in front of you using lots of props. She’s got a little pile of things that are Aberystwyth, a little pile of things for the UK, for Canada, she went all over the world.

It’s just a really beautiful story. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Hopefully this is going to get to live a life somewhere else, fingers crossed, for Emma and Dick Bonham the director.

Brilliant. I’d give it a 9 out of 10.’

‘Beyond Dreams of Aberystwyth’ at the Carriageworks, Leeds. 22 March 2013