Nice things people say

‘Emma Decent is a writer and performer with the rare quality of captivating her audience and never letting them go, her work haunting the emotions and the imagination long after the performance has finished. She wowed our live audience at Word Soup on both occasions she performed for us, bringing us all subtly but irrevocably into her genuinely human poetic work.’
J.A. Brunning, Lancashire Writing Hub

‘Emma made an immediate impact with the wit and sensitivity of her work and her presence at the microphone. Red Shedders appreciated her warmth and humanity and, when she read her famous dog poem, they were delighted by her skill and sheer nerve. She has made a lasting impression and has an open invitation to future Red Shed Readings.’
John Clarke, Red Shed Readings


‘Emma Decent is a charismatic and engaging performer. Her poetry is intelligent, witty, thought-provoking and deeply felt.’
Steph Pike

‘Emma Decent is an outstanding poet and performer, whose work is not only witty and accomplished but also edgy, challenging and unique.’
Cathy Bryant

‘Deep, beautiful, provocative and well-expressed.’
Dominic Berry

‘Emma Decent quietly stands out.  Without having to raise her voice, she speaks her poems to us the listener.  Thought-provoking, lasting, understated but pivotal.’
Belinda O’Hooley