Beyond Dreams of Aberystwyth – The Book Contents

The obvious starting point of any world trip, Emma is inspired to make a journey. She begins at Aberystwyth, the coastal Welsh town where she was a miserable drama student in the late 1980s and where, unknown to her, her father had a love affair with a woman he abandoned heartbroken and pregnant in the early 1950’s. Discovering the secret inspires a journey around the world and to other places.
The Book is based on a travel blog made by Emma whilst on her journey in 2010. It was re-worked and updated with support from the Arts Council in 2013.

Chapter 1: The Beginning     The story laid out, the journey begins

Chapter 2: Bucharest     Synagogues and a theatre

Chapter 3: Focsani & Odobesti     In search of the ancestors 

Chapter 4: Braila     My grandmother’s birthplace – a sense of home

Chapter 5: To Krakow    Northwards and west

Chapter 6: Auschwitz     But for the grace of God

Chapter 7: Kuala Lumpur     Go east for a new beginning

Chapter 8: The Jungle     Get me outa here

Chapter 9: Hong Kong     Humanity extremity

Chapter 10: Land of Opportunity    America

Chapter 11: American Dream     A train and a poem

Chapter 12: Reno     Casinos, neon and art 

Chapter 13: Manitou Springs     Colorado small town goodness

Chapter 14: What I saw from the train     Roads and prairies that go on forever 

Chapter 15: Naperville – Part 1    Desperate housewives territory

Chapter 16: Naperville to Chicago    Poetry success & Jewish diaspora USA

Chapter 17: Ohio    Going home

Chapter 18: Niagara Falls    A fish swimming upstream

Chapter 19: Toronto    Full circle

Chapter 20: Aberystwyth – The End