Thank you!

Crowd-funding campaign for Beyond Dreams of Aberystwyth

The crowd-funding campaign to take ‘Beyond Dreams of Aberystwyth’ onwards and upwards has now closed. CLICK HERE to see what that was about. Thanks to some lovely people £830 was which will help Emma to:

  1. put some creative time into the book to get it into a state and format fit to present to agents & publishers and go for a book deal
  2. get a ‘venue pack’ together – a nicely polished document of info about the show – to present to theatres and festivals to get show dates for a tour, including the costs of a designer
  3. pay my filmmaker to work on the film and trailer of the show to support the venue pack & whole project

Big thank you’s to…

Clare Pearl                  artist                   
Freda Davis                poet & artist      
Caroline Mitchell        writer
Rae Parkinson
Steven Swain
Jean Walker
Willow Merrymoon                                 
Hedera Hubble
Sarah Decent             shoe goddess     
Rachel Hawthorn       artist & arts project manager
Laynie Jefferson
Rose Yates                  writer
Ros Hurley                  artist                   
Debbie Fawcett & Amanda Elwen
Joni Heginbottom
Barbara Jones             environmental builder
Sorrel Weaver             shamanic counsellor  
Brian Johnstone         poet, writer & performer

And other anonymous benefactors

If you missed it and would like to donate email me and I’m sure we can work something out!