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November 2020

As for many creative people in 2020 I have been working hard, trying to adapt quickly to the times, hitting the ground running. I have created new work, applied for funds, continued to write, perform and share work with audiences in new ways, and worked as a creative facilitator as much as I can. Every day I walk in the hills where I live near Todmorden, West Yorkshire and this connection with the land has sustained me. During this year my long-standing relationship with nature as a wise and nurturing force has become more and more interwoven in my work as a creative and as a facilitator. I am proud of what I have done, what I have made and how I have survived – work I possibly never would have done outside these strange times. However times continue to be challenging. Many have been so encouraging and supportive of what I do. Because of this I have created this page for anyone who would like to support my work in any way they can. Obviously I am not alone – as a creative, or as a self-employed and casually employed person who falls through a range of nets, or as someone who has little spare cash to throw at anyone else! If you are in a position to – and it seems like a good thing to do with your hard-won cash – here are a few things you can do to support my work if you would like to. Thank you very much
Buy a ‘Words in the Wild’ pamphlet
This pamphlet contains all the poems from ‘Words in the Wild’ – the live event I created this year. They are the recent pieces I am most proud of and have been most engaged with this year, touching themes of landscape, memory and mortality. If you have been on the event – or if you haven’t – enjoy the poems on paper or purchase as a gift for others. £5 + £1 p&p. See this link for more details and/or email me to order. 
‘Your poems are beautiful, you say so much in a few words.’
Buy a Gift Voucher
This is an idea given to me by someone who wanted a special gift for a friend! If you think someone else would like what I do you can pay for that experience for them. Gift Vouchers can be cashed in against any events or products I am organising myself including ones that come up in the future. A £10-£15 voucher will buy a place on ‘Words in the Wild’, one ‘Wheel of Nature’ workshop (below), or a couple of pamphlets! The amount can be to any value you like. Email me to purchase – or redeem!
Book a personal performance live in your home
Get a group of friends together on Zoom for a unique shared at-home live online performance of ‘Words in the Wild’ (including photography and film of the landscape) or other of my performative work. If you like I can also facilitate your own party pieces or personal open mic afterwards! Winter’s coming but you can still get around the fire/computer and share poems and magic. See this short poetic film for a taste. Email me for prices and to discuss and arrange.
Buy me a Ko-fi
If none of the above appeal, this is a straightforward, free, friendly way to support my work directly for the price of a virtual cuppa (or more than one) if you would like to. You can make a small donation (£3), follow my work more closely and see new work before I put it elsewhere. There will be new poems, photos, films and blog posts. You can also commission poems for loved ones. See this link or the ‘Ko-fi’ button at the bottom of every page of this website.
Coming soon – cosy snoods and groovy face masks
Some may remember years ago I used to make colourful fleece cushions, scarves and snoods… Well I will be returning to this sideline soon, making cosy fleece snoods and face masks from funky reclaimed fabrics. Watch this space. Yes you can buy face masks and snoods from anywhere – and probably cheaper! – but consider buying one or two from me (or someone like me – Etsy is full of them.)
And of course attending any events or workshops I am doing is a huge help. Current offerings…
The Wheel of Nature Writing Workshop
Another new venture for this year, this workshop brings writing and nature together in a new online drop-in workshop every Wednesday afternoon. It has been going really well since September with people popping in from all over the world. In December I have 3 sessions focusing on the quiet of the year’s end and midwinter. Every session stands alone and your first session is free. Thereafter Pay As You Feel £10-£15. Do give it a try if it sounds like your cuppa.  
‘Lovely deep experience, thank you’
Words in the Wild
Temporarily on hold due to lockdown, this live performance of poetry in the landscape has hit really the zeitgeist in terms of providing calm, connection and reflection this summer, and shown what is still magically possible in terms of safe live performance. It has drawn folks from Lancaster, Wakefield, Bradford and Manchester as well as locally in Todmorden and Calderdale. ‘Words in the Wild’ will start again as soon as possible on good weather days through the winter and continues to develop. Dates are posted on the webpage plus dates can be arranged around you and your group, bubble or needs. Email me if you are interested in the event and I can keep you posted about dates, times and all the options. Pay As You Feel £5-£15 
‘It was magical today. I loved the places we went, the moment of calm at the beginning and of course the poems. I also really appreciated all your care and attention to detail regarding Covid and other safety measures.’
And please spread the word!
If you know my work as a writer, performer or facilitator and have appreciated it in any way, please spread the word. Word of mouth publicity is the best there is. If you read your emails and are interested, I send a bulletin every couple of months or so with news, so not too spammy. I will be putting this on Mailchimp soon for extra ease and security. If you would like the odd one from me, email me to get on the list. Or follow, share and ‘like’ as below…
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Thank you for your support including reading this far.
All the best